Monday, July 07, 2014

While TTT was doing VBS.....

VBS aka hell week.  Such a torturous week for me.  Getting off early, picking up the kids, rushing home to eat dinner, put on VBS t-shirts, head out the door, thankfully drive against traffic, struggle to find a place to park, drop them off, then relax, eat dinner, and wait the two hours for it to be over.  Pick them back up, get in the car, drive home, take showers, put pjs on, then try to get them settled into bed.  So tiring.

But this was the final night.  I got to see their grand performance singing songs about what they learned.  This year's theme - - Agency D3.  As special agents, kids examined eyewitness reports, physical proof, and  Biblical accounts to uncover and defend the truth about Jesus.

It would be nice if they would just put my kids' in the same area.  So one shot would get all three.


 The boy child is in the third row, right above the baby.

Here's a video of their performance.

These performances, what they are learning, makes it worth the week of hell it puts me through.  And this church had 135 volunteers, practically the whole church volunteering in some aspect to help pull off VBS, I'm always in awe of them.

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