Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Teddy was at home with Oma with...

hand foot mouth viral infection that he got from another kid under the age of five.  I think he got it playing with the toys in the visiting room when he had his visit with grandma.  These pics were taken when he was on the mend, so Teddy missed VBS.  He stayed home and was held by Oma and when I got home held by me.  The first night we probably slept in one or two hour increments.  Sometimes I couldn't remember if I had even slept or if I had just closed my eyes for a minute or two.

The blisters on his body, tongue, back of his throat, on his palms, the bottom of his feet didn't itch, PRAISE GOD, but didn't look comfortable either.  The ones in his mouth made it so that he didn't want a spoon or a bottle in his mouth.  Poor Teddy.  This of course sent Happy and Oma into a tizzy.  Having older wiser BTDT moms in your life is good, except sometimes I think they forget they were ever parents and they just start freaking out when illnesses come.  

I tried to explain that like us Teddy is human and when we get sick sometimes we don't eat and we don't starve to death and neither would Teddy.  We just had to keep him hydrated.  Neither liked that answer and I'm pretty sure neither believed me, so I had to call the doctor.  And the doctor said, if we had to put some water or sweetened pedialite down his throat with a syringe.  Hearing this made them feel better, and Happy discovered Teddy was quite happy to suck on a Popsicle.  And although half the content landed on his bib, he could drink out of a cup.

The doctor said it was contangious, but mainly to children five and under.  Man was I never so happy to have a six, seven, and nine-year-old.  And he said it would last a several days.  A sick Teddy isn't a happy Teddy.  Poor chunky monkey.  He just wanted to hold him, which made it impossible to get dressed to go to work.  I didn't want the kids to touch him, just in case they got it.  Cause while dealing with Teddy was difficult, if one of them had blisters and couldn't eat, particularly Jory or Layla, it would have been a complete disaster.  Yikes!  I don't even want to imagine.

Thank God for understanding bosses during hell week.  I got to work by 10, on good mornings I got there by a quarter to 10, and left by 4.  Teddy just went to Happy's in a onesie and blanket.  On Wednesday my sleep deprived self wanted the week to be over, but we pushed through and made it to Friday.  Yippee!!!  Hopefully next year VBS is a little less stressful.

So Teddy missed his first VBS, but he was able to come see their final performance and make it impossible for me to eat my chili hot dog after their performance.

You can tell he is feeling back to his old self because he's drinking out of a bottle and holding it himself.  He was a champ through his first illness.

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