Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by
Precious butterfly
Spread your wings and fly

Oh, with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve your love every morning
And butterfly kisses
I couldn't ask God for more
Man this is what love is

Gotta love when a plan comes together and the drugs kick in to high gear!

Lucky One

You're the kind
When you love you love with all your might and
You're the kind
I would dream about at night
Now I'm the lucky one
Baby, I'm the lucky one

I'm the lucky one even when people try to ruin my pictures by crying in them.

My baby girls

We've come along way from the endless tears of yesteryear.

Redux 7

Ah, the drugs kicked in.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And Jory is 7

and crying. He said his head hurt and this was the best he could do.

The baby is 4, Mommy

huh? The baby is 4.

Mommy, I'm 5

She is very happy and proud to be 5.

Look who has updated the picture blog

My girls were loving these Easter eggs. Side note, can I say I'm not digging on Sears stamping their name all over my babies' pictures. That's just cheesy.

It's been three lifetimes since I updated this blog but here we go, new pics of the kiddos.

Happy Easter 2011!!!

The year of

the exhilirating three-year-old.


the year of fun!

My baby boy

looking so big.

My babies

My first baby and the baby.

The oldests

My oldest son and daughter.

The Irish Twins

Their beauty inside and out takes my breath away.

Nature Pics

And by nature I mean fake columns and fake rocks.