Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cutie Pie

Photos © 2007 Dvorak Photography, Used with Permission

Fast Friends

Photos Used by permission, © 2007 Dvorak Photography

The two angels

Here are my two smiling babies in the same gown. There are no words!

The Christening Pictures - June 2007

Here's my favorite one of my smiling girl. I love that smile!

This was the photographer's attempt at being artistic. I don't know if she completely pulled it off, but Sasha looks adorable as usual.

Here's Sasha in my Christening Gown.

We're still working on that whole keep your head up thing.

She doesn't look to happy in this one. I'm just happy she's not crying.

Sasha did pretty well with this session considering she got sleepy as we waited endlessly for these old college friends to stop taking a gazillion pictures.