Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The First Shots and the Last Ones

These pictures were taken three hours after Teddy arrived with a baby bag, a capless bottle with an ounce of some unknown type of formula, some clothes, not all seasonal appropriate, and no white onesies.

His look is I'm tired, where's my Ma, my aunt, my cousins, who are you people, why don't you smell like anything I've known, what in the world is going on....

And these photos were taken on Sunday after Teddy's first church service at AWANA church as the kids call it.  Layla was rockin' crazy bangs because someone who will not be named but goes by the name of Aunt Lala was too busy to cut the poor baby's bangs.  A tragedy the baby and everyone who saw her had to live with for months, but I digress.

TTT are rockin' their Easter 2013 clothes and Teddy is rockin' his new outfit that Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ric bought him.  He was celebrating his two month birthday and it was Super Bowl Sunday.  And this was one of the only times he allowed me to put him down, his terrorism had begun I just didn't know it.  And on this Sunday I literally held him for eight hours.

This poor baby had lost everything he knew and then thrust into this life with TTT.

These pictures were taken minutes before Teddy went to go live with his maternal aunt.  While he wasn't smiling at least he was rockin' those two teeth that took three months of drooling to get here.

They are sitting in Jory's car that taught me after the 23rd, Toys R Us doesn't answer the phone, and had me spending my birthday at their store at 2AM to see if the shipment really had this car on board, it didn't.  And I was there on Christmas Eve too, to check too.  People recognized me when I cam in the store, just what you want at Christmas time.  This car is staying in the house so my grandchildren can ride it for all the effort it took for me to get it.

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