Monday, July 07, 2014

AWANA Grand Prix

I'd heard about the AWANA Grand Prix for years and wasn't quite sure what it was.  Well this year we found out, Jory got to design his own car and watched as it was shaved into shape.  Then he got to paint it or color it, whatever he wanted to do to it.  I now realize we could do more than we did with it.  Good to know for next year.  The following week was race week. 

 There were many races configured by a computer generated system, so everyone had a chance to race everyone else.  Jory's car wasn't a winner.  He was knocked off in the second rounds of eliminations.  He didn't seem to mind.

The boys admiring the trophies.  I was worried that Jory might get an award just for participating.  I didn't want him to be that kid, that got trophies because he showed up and participated.

He did end up with a trophy for most aerodynamic car.  I found that wasn't a give away award since one kid won around three awards for his car.

And there's Jory's blue car trailing behind in a race.

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