Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Where my boys at???

Here's Teddy and Jory on St. Patrick's Day.

 Here's Jory with the adorable three-month-old who doesn't want his picture taken after church.  I love him to death, but Teddy is ruining my pics where my boys have matching outfits on.  God bless you, Sears!  Now I know our first stop next year for Easter is going to be Sears so Jack and Jory (and yes, that is intentional.  They'll have all the same initials, mostly, too.) can match.  God bless the buyer at Sears who understand that sometimes a ten-year-old and his one-year-old brother should be dressed alike.  I might do something crazy next year, like buy the boys' outfits first and then get the girls' dresses in coordinating colors.  I am so avant garde, it scares me.

My boys on Easter Sunday, but for the life of me I couldn't get my Teddy bear to smile.  Notice the matching tie and shirt.

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