Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Easter Possibilites for the twins

I know certain people, Aunt Louise, Aunt Dee Dee, and others sometimes get the twins confused. It's okay. They aren't identical, but I think the dark brown hair throws people off. So in these pictures, Layla is the one whose dark brown hair is down and Rowan's dark brown hair is in ponytails.

Random Winter pictures

Yes, we live in a tundra. Okay, not really. But somehow God seems to think I want to live in Seattle with all this constant rain.

Endless rain. You can't do anything in the rain. At least you can play in snow. Make snow angels. Have snowball fights. Make snowmen. But rain - - nothing, nada, zip.

Abba, didn't you hear Tony, Toni, Tone, "It never rains in Southern California. It may rain on the east coast or the other side of town, but it never rains."

Oma thought this was the cutest outfit for her then only and first grandchild when we were in Naples.....Like brother, like sister

Christmas 2009

The boys out hiking with Uncle Mort